Industrial Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blankets

* Excellent handling strength  * Lightweight  * Flexible

*Resistant to heat & chemical attack  * Thermal shock stability  * Thermal conductivity

One of AGIS, LLC's specialties is industrial ceramic fiber insulation blankets: high strength, needled blankets spun from extra long ceramic fibers. The fibers are cross-locked through a unique process, which results in a blanket with excellent handling strength but which is nevertheless lightweight and flexible. All AGIS ceramic fiber blankets are custom manufactured to exact customer specifications. 

Advantages:  AGIS' industrial ceramic fiber insulation blankets are distinguished by their unexcelled handling strength, light weight and flexibility; texture uniformity and plain surface; excellent resistance to heat and chemical attack; thermal shock stability and low thermal conductivity. They have low density, good resiliency and excellent sound absorbing and filtering property.

Properties and characteristics:  AGIS' industrial ceramic fiber insulation blankets are completely inorganic. Their continuous use limit is up to 2300°F; typical chemical analysis: Al2O3: 40%, SiO2: 52%, ZrO2: 5%, Fe2O3: 0.6%, TiO2: 1.5%, Alkali: 0.05%, Leachable Chlorides: <10 ppm;  available in densities of 4, 6 and 8 PCF (pounds per cubic foot); color: white    


            6 lbs/cu ft density:
                     Thickness:                                    Width

                         ¼”                                          24” and 48”
                         ½”                                          24” and 48”
                                                                    24” and 48”

          :  8 lbs/cu ft density:
                     Thickness:                                    Width

                          ¼”                                          24” and 48”
                          ½”                                          24” and 48”
                                                                     24” and 48”

Other thicknesses available upon request.

Applications: AGIS' industrial ceramic fiber blankets are used for high temperature kiln and furnace insulation, flexible pipe insulation, expansion joint material, incineration equipment, and stack linings.

  • Infrared panels and ovens
  • Furnace, kiln, reformer, stove and boiler linings
  • Flexible high temperature pipe insulation
  • Reusable insulation for steam and gas turbines
  • Thermal insulation for electric boiler, gas engine and nuclear power
  • High temperature filtrating material.
  • Investment casting mold wrappings
  • High temperature gasketing
  • Expansion joint seals
  • Removable insulating blankets for field stress relieving welds
  • Pressure and cryogenic vessel fire protection
  • Furnace repairs
  • Thermal reactor insulation
  • Incineration equipment and stack linings
  • High temperature filtration
  • Nuclear insulation applications
  • Field steam generator lining

Industries Served:. AGIS' industrial ceramic fiber insulation blankets are employed by virtually every industry throughout the world, including chemical processing, petroleum, waste/water treatment, steel & mining, food processing, boiler, steam, plant maintenance, power generation (including nuclear), metals/heat treating, transportation and marine, pulp & paper manufacturing, to name a few.

Other AGIS products manufactured expressly for high-temperature service conditions include mechanical packing products, boiler gaskets, tape, rope, cloth, sleeving, sheet rubber; plant fiber sheet, fiber-cork sheet, Teflon® sheet and Teflon® joint sealant; flexible graphite sheet; welding curtains; kits; Inconel wire mesh cable.

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AGIS, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of high-temperature sealing products for industrial and marine applications

AGIS products are used in virtually every industry throughout the world, including chemical processing, petroleum, food processing, plant maintenance, metals/heat treating, transportation and marine, to name a few. 

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