Ceramic Fiber Insulating Boards
Lightweight, low density insulation for high-temperature applications

AGIS, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of heat-resistant ceramic fiber insulating board and a wide range of  products for high-temperature industrial and marine applications.

AGIS ceramic fiber board is a lightweight, low density product ideal for most standard insulating applications. Utilizing a wet forming manufacturing process, the boards combine a blend of alumina-silica ceramic fibers with both organic and inorganic binders to improve handling strength and ensure board integrity at high service temperatures. (Where present, the organic binders burn out between temperatures of 450° and 600°)

Advantages: Low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, stability at high temperatures, excellent resistance to thermal shock, chemical attack, water and oil damage, reduced refractory heat-up and cool-down time, light weight for ease of handling, cutting, drilling, sawing and machining, excellent acoustic insulation.

Applications: With its 16 PCF density, AGIS ceramic fiber board is well suited for service conditions characterized by vibrations and mechanical stress. Because of its light weight and relative ease of cutting, AGIS ceramic fiber board lends itself well to installation on vertical areas. 

Other AGIS ceramic fiber products include ceramic fiber papers, ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber tape, ceramic fiber blankets and ceramic fiber rope. Our ceramic fiber products are employed by virtually every industry throughout the world, including chemical processing, petroleum, waste/water treatment, steel & mining, food processing, boiler, steam, plant maintenance, power generation, metals/heat treating, transportation and marine, pulp & paper manufacturing, to name a few.

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