Fiber Sheets
compressed fiber sheets from AGIS, LLC

AGIS, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of compressed fiber sheets for a wide variety of industrial applications.

AGIS compressed fiber sheets are used for gaskets, pipe flanges, sheet metal duct work and boiler flanges. 

Agis compressed fiber sheet #4401 is manufactured from synthetic fibers of high chemical stability and heat resistance, uniformly mixed with a nitrile rubber binder, and compressed into sheet forms. It is a field-proven general purpose solution for many industries, including chemical processing, petrochemical, refinery, power generation and pulp and paper plants.

Advantages: Good chemical stability, sealability, heat and aging resistance. Offers excellent resistance to various oils, water, gasoline, mild chemicals, hydrocarbons, refrigerants, steam and other inert gasses. .Can be used in steam, water, petroleum and mild chemical services. Exhibits superior creep resistance at high temperatures 

Properties and characteristics: Temperature limit: 750°F; 1450 psi, 300 psi saturated steam pressure; tensile strength of 2200 psi; leachable chloride content @ 100 ppm/density @ 1.70 g/cc.; color: green 

Sizes: Thickness: 1/64" to 1/4" Sheet size 60" x 60", 60" x 90", 60" x 120" and 60" x 180" Sold in full sheets only.

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