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AGIS, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of gaskets and sealants for industrial applications.

AGIS gaskets and sealants are used in virtually every industry throughout the world, including chemical processing, petroleum, waste/water treatment, steel & mining, food processing, boiler, steam, plant maintenance, power generation, metals/heat treating, transportation and marine, pulp & paper manufacturing, to name a few.

Among the recommended uses for AGIS gaskets and sealants are: general service, brine, cold water, cold oil, high-pressure rams and accumulators and high-speed shafts, gasoline, oil, asphalt, steam, air, alkalines, solvents, gases, ammonia, mild acids, phosphate esters, hot and cold water, solvents and air, alkalis, pump packing in mining service, dryers, blenders, cookers and mixers, sewage treatment, granular and abrasive service, slurry pumps, sludge pumps, dredge pumps, extruders and mud pumps 

Because service conditions vary widely, AGIS industrial sealing products are manufactured in many forms, such as gaskets, rope, tape and mechanical packing, and in a wide range of materials, including natural fiber, rubber, compressed fiber, fiberglass, ceramics fiber, graphite, Teflon, metal, Kevlar, carbon-Inconel and GFO, among others. Within our huge inventory are gaskets and sealants capable of withstanding extremes of temperature, pressure or corrosive attack present in even the harshest service environment.

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