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Because of their ability to withstand high temperatures, ceramic fibers are used as insulation materials and are often used for lining furnaces and kilns. Ceramic fiber is found in the form of paper, rope, tape, cloth, insulating blankets and boards, felts, bulk fibers, vacuum-formed or cast shapes, and textiles. 

Among the characteristics of ceramic fiber: Asbestos free
Low thermal conductivity
Low shot content
Light weight
Erosion resistance
Excellent thermal stability and resistance to heat-shock
Good dielectric strength
Easy to wrap , shape or cut
Excellent elasticity and flexibility
Low thermal capacity

Heat resistant ceramic fiber products manufactured and distributed by AGIS, LLC include ceramic fiber papers, insulating board and blankets, rope, tape, and cloth. AGIS ceramic fiber products are employed by virtually every industry throughout the world, including chemical processing, petroleum, waste/water treatment, steel & mining, food processing, boiler, steam, plant maintenance, power generation, metals/heat treating, transportation and marine, pulp & paper manufacturing, to name a few.

CERAMIC FIBER PAPER, made from ceramic fibers, binders and additives, is an ideal material for most refractory-type applications, including thermal furnace expansion joints, high temperature gaskets, heat shielding, thermal and electric insulation for heaters, high temperature gasket sealing and other applications.

With its 16 PCF density, AGIS CERAMIC FIBER INSULATING BOARDS are well suited for service conditions characterized by vibrations and mechanical stress. Because of its light weight and relative ease of cutting, AGIS ceramic fiber board lends itself well to installation on vertical areas. 

AGIS CERAMIC FIBER INSULATION BLANKETS are well suited for high temperature kiln and furnace insulation, flexible pipe insulation, expansion joint material, incineration equipment and stack linings. They are widely used for heat insulation in petrochemical processing, metallurgy and electrical power applications.

CERAMIC FIBER ROPE  is utilized in industrial furnaces expansion joints, high temperature pipe insulation winding, insulation and other steel junctions.

CERAMIC FIBER CLOTH and CERAMIC FIBER TAPE are often used in fire doors, industrial furnace insulation, heat pipes and containers. 

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